A Cadillac CTS-V’s Psychedelic Journey to a StarFire Makeover

A Cadillac CTS-V’s Psychedelic Journey to a StarFire Makeover

If you’ve ever had the privilege of stepping behind the wheel of a Cadillac CTS-V, you might be asking yourself why anyone would consider turning to the aftermarket to customize it. The raw power and sophistication the engineers at GM crafted in this one of a kind ride is remarkable. From the leather and suede wrapped Recaro seats, to the responsive magnetic suspension, every inch of the CTS-V is engineered to perfection. While it’s not every day you ship your 6.2L, Supercharged V8 Cadillac 1,000 miles across the country to a custom automotive shop for a little flare and personality, Jamie Lesowske didn’t hesitate.

Jamie isn’t your everyday gal or car enthusiast. She’s a Starfire who dreamed up a truly custom V featuring a one of a kind starlight headliner paired with a cutting-edge psychedelic color shifting exterior. Jamie shipped her CTS-V, a luxury sedan that can hit 60 mph in four seconds and reach a top speed of 186 mph, from her hometown in Oregon all the way to the guys at Apex Customs in Phoenix Arizona for an impressive makeover.

Jamie chose to wrap her Cadillac in 3M’s new color-shifting vinyl material which turns holographic when light reflects off the surface. The 3M Gloss Psychedelic vinyl wrap is not your everyday car exterior. In fact, it looks like the evening sky on one of those days the sunlight plays off the clouds in a dance of blues, oranges, and purples. As the sky changes with each mile the CTS-V devours, a new dawn of color is revealed leaving onlookers in a state of wonder and delight. Jamie giggles when people see it as she’s driving down the road — it turns heads and flips them psychedelic.

But the psychedelic exterior isn’t Jamie’s favorite part. “I thought the wrap was going to be my favorite modification, which I do love seeing people do double-takes, but the star ceiling is without a doubt my favorite.”

The headliner of Jamie’s CTS-V has a custom fiber optic star headliner. It literally looks like the nighttime sky is stitched into the headliner of the car. Apex created an Axium Starry Night Roof (made completely in house) and polished it off with a custom Ultrasuede headliner. Jamie says she was inspired by the starlight headliner from Rolls Royce. But, one could argue, Jamie’s looks way cooler and has more of a Starfire than what you see in a Rolls. “It’s totally my style,” Jamie told us.

But what’s the downside to having the stars in your car? “It’s a bummer people can’t see it from the outside,” Jamie explains. She’s taken countless people from work out to the parking lot to look at it. And who can blame her? When you install something that cool, you want to share its wonder with friends and watch them marvel.

For most, shipping your car from Oregon to Arizona to get the twilight sky wrapped around your car and the stars installed into your headliner would have been enough. But Jamie went a little further. She also had the brake calipers painted dark magenta and added reflective brake caliper decals for the perfect finishing touch. Your eyes may take a while to get past the captivating wrap but when they do you will notice the fine details in the brake calipers that bring a splash of color to the wheels and complete the motif.

“I came in like a whirlwind,” Jamie explains of her initial enthusiasm with Apex Customs, “but they made it happen.”

“They went above and beyond to make it happen when I couldn’t be there,” Jamie recalls fondly. “They kept me updated and sent me pictures while I waited patiently for it to be shipped here.” Jamie said all her “dorky” questions were answered by the amicable crew at Apex Customs and that they were fun to “BS” with.

One thing is for sure: there’s no BS about Jamie’s Cadillac CTS-V, it’s a work of art and inspiration. A truly custom whip which will surly inspire other enthusiasts looking to express their creativity and capture the imagination and attention of every motorist and pedestrian they pass.

About Jamie Lesowske

Jamie is a self-proclaimed work-a-holic entrepreneur and concert groupie. Jamie created Starfire Body Piercing where she gets to apply her creativity to body piercing. Much like the magenta calipers on her CTS-V, she adds special finishing touches that help people express their own personal splash of color. We don’t know what she has planned next, but there’s no doubt it will be full of life, color and horsepower.


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