Curious about the benefits of the automotive products we offer? We've put together a number of automotive infographics to explain the benefits of everything from vinyl graphics to powder coating. Check out our graphics below and feel free to share or embed on your blog or website!

How To Vinyl Wrap

Considering a vinyl wrap for your vehicle and curious about the process? Here is an infographic we put together to walk you through the 7 steps our professional use when completing a vinyl wrap project. Whether you’re considering giving vinyl wrap a try at home, or curious about what will be done to your car out our shop, this infographic will walk you through the basics.

How Four Stroke Engines Work

Before considering any engine or performance modifications for your car, truck, or SUV, it’s important to understand how the modern internal combustion engine works. At Apex Customs, we want our customers to be informed about their options and where their money is best spent before making any commitments to an aftermarket service or part. We put together this infographic to walk you through the basics of how an engine works.

Benefits of Vinyl Graphics Advertising

The most effective advertising provides a memorable impression that is viewed by a large audience. Vehicle wraps offer your business a cost effective solution to not only sell your products and services in a manner consistent with your brand but also get recurring returns on your investment through thousands of impressions per day.