Automotive GPS Tracking

CalAmp Professional Grade GPS Tracking

At Apex Customs Phoenix, we offer custom installations of the best automotive GPS tracking systems on the market. GPS vehicle tracking systems are an invaluable tool for tracking vehicle history from an entire fleet of vehicles to a single car, truck, or SUV. Real-time tracking capabilities provide up-to-the-minute speed and locations updates than can be monitored via smartphone apps, web applications or even text and email alerts based on parameters you configure.​

If you want to know the minute your teenager starts speed or your company truck goes off course, then a GPS tracking system is your answer. You can also pull detailed historical reports and maps that tell you down to the detail where the vehicle has been, how fast it was traveling, and how long the car, truck, or van was stopped for.

GPS Services

  • Car Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Dealership Tracking​

Serving the greater Phoenix area, Apex Customs provides professional vehicle GPS tracking system installation to customers in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Phoenix. Our certified sales and installation staff will help you choose the right GPS tracker for your application and ensure it is installed professionally and covertly to maintain warranty and keep the device out of reach for potential thieves and prying eyes. To learn more about our approach to automotive customization, check out our about us page.


GPS Tracking Services

One of the many popular automotive services we offer at Apex Customs Phoenix is vehicle GPS Tracking systems. From easy to install car, truck and SUV GPS trackers to keep an eye on your loved ones or reduce insurance rates, to professionally installed fleet and dealership tracking systems, we have you covered. Here are just a few of our GPS tracking service offerings:


GPS Car, Truck, and SUV Tracker

The ability to track your car, truck, or SUV and family members through the use of advanced GPS tracking, is one of the best technological advancements available on the market today. There are a wide variety of GPS tracking options for your home use. If you want to keep an eye on your teenager and make sure they aren't speeding or leaving a predefined area with their new driver's license, a simple plug and play OBD II GPS tracker may be just the option you're looking for. If you're looking for a more permanent solution to prevent vehicle theft or reduce your insurance rates, we can install the best GPS trackers on the market discreetly and permanently.

At Apex Customs Phoenix, our sales staff can help you choose the best GPS tracking system for your application. Our certified installers with professionally install your GPS tracker in a way that won't damage your vehicle's electrical system and will remain hidden from view. They will then help you configure your GPS system and walk you through the software and smartphone apps you'll use to keep on eye on your car, truck, or SUV.


Fleet GPS Tracker

If you run a service business with several vehicles out in the field, GPS trackers are a critical necessity to add to your operations. GPS tracking will not only add a level of protection for your service vehicle inventory, it will improve the efficiency of your operations and help to reduce operating costs. Imagine having the tools to be able to see exactly where your service staff is with pinpoint accuracy at any given time. Add to that the ability to run historical reports, reduce your insurance costs, and keep employees accountable and you have a winning combination at an affordable price.

At Apex Customs Phoenix,  our certified technicians will not only install your GPS fleet trackers in a manner that prevents tampering and hides them from view, they will also assist in the configuration of your unique settings and train you in how to use the monitoring systems.


Dealership GPS Tracker

If you operate any kind of vehicle dealership, GPS tracking systems are a must to protect your inventory. From small used car lots to multi-lot new car dealerships, installing GPS tracking systems to your fleet will provide your business with detailed insights into every vehicle in your inventory with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're looking for easy to install ODB II GPS tracking which allows you to swap trackers between vehicles in a matter of seconds, or you're looking for more sophisticated systems to keep even the most sophisticated criminals at bay, Apex Customs Phoenix has you covered.

The sales staff at Apex Customs Phoenix will help walk you through all of your options for Automotive Dealership Tracking systems and our certified technicians will install your GPS units in a manner that will not damage your car, truck, or SUV inventory.


What is a Vehicle GPS Tracking System?

GPS vehicle tracking systems combine modern software with GPS tracking hardware to track a vehicle's location and record it to a historical map with pinpoint accuracy. Commonly used in fleet vehicles, GPS tracking systems have become an affordable solution for small businesses and even concerned parents. Modern GPS tracking systems commonly use GLONASS and GPS technology originally developed by NASA for locating a vehicle accurately at any given time. The information tracked by GPS vehicle tracking systems can be viewed on electronics maps via cloud-based web applications, smartphone apps, or specialized software.

How do Automotive GPS Tracking Systems Work?

GPS car, truck, and SUV trackers combine advanced mapping and reporting software with GPS technology to provide you will all the historical location information you need. GPS trackers are installed in your vehicle quickly through the vehicle's OBDII system to track speed and transmit GPS details via satellite or cellular networks.

GPS Trackers Will:

  • Track your vehicles history every second and record the historical data on a scheduled interval.

  • Transmit the tracked historical data to a central web tracking software via satellite and celluar networks.

  • Record the historical location and vehicle data in a centralized database for reporting and mapping.

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Car, Truck & SUV GPS Tracking

Monitor Your Workforce

A vehicle is stolen every 28-seconds in the US. Car, truck and SUV GPS trackers are an effective, affordable solution to help protect your vehicle from even the cleverest of thieves. The LMU-200 is the best in-class for reliability, performance, and accuracy without the monthly fees. A GPS tracker isn’t an expense, it’s an asset protection investment.

The LMU-200 vehicle GPS tracker made by Cal-Amp includes a 2-year GPS tracking service, starter-disable, tamper alert, backup battery, and tow alerts all backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty. With NO monthly fees and NO contacts the car GPS tracker runs on the most reliable cellular network by Verizon. It includes 10 Geo Fences to be able to place automatic alerts when your car leaves a certain area without your knowledge.



It’s every parent's nightmare, the moment your teenager drives away on their own for the first time and the worry sets in. There is no better way to keep an eye on your teenagers driving than with a vehicle GPS tracking system. The teen GPS tracker will monitor your teen 24/7 with speed monitoring, GEO location tracking, and text alerts. You can choose between a plugin ODB GPS tracker and a hardwired system with tamper monitoring to keep your teen from disabling the system.

At only $249, the teen tracker will protect your teen with no additional month fee’s or contracts. You can also qualify for auto insurance discounts with a GPS tracker. You’ll get a comprehensive system that that offers detailed vehicle safety reports which show speed events over 80 MPH, miles driven, hard acceleration and braking reports. Each of the data points are then compiled to create a risk rating for your teenage loved one.


Fleet Vehicle GPS Tracking

Monitor Your Workforce

GPS fleet tracking is a game-changing technology for both small and large businesses alike. Vehicle GPS trackers will keep track of your fleet showing every route, engine on/off and idle times, and amount of time your workers spend at particular stops. Adding vehicle tracking to your service business will help you analyze business operations and efficiencies to help you improve service, reduce labor costs, and protect your vehicle fleet investment.

The Fleet GPS tracking systems offered at Apex Customs offer 1-year of unlimited service with no monthly fees and unbeatable features for only $265. With a Fleet vehicle GPS tracker, your management team can track vehicles, track drivers, assets, and job locations. Everything is reported on up-to-date, easy to use maps providing you detailed reporting and real-time location and route tracking. The fleet GPS tracking system will also provide you speed reports, vehicle start and stops, and even employee driving habits. Fleet Tracking Improves Operational Efficiency.

GPS tracking technology will help you run your service business in the most efficient manner possible. By monitoring your workforce and analyzing your service call times, route patterns, and vehicle efficiencies, you can find ways to improve profit margins and enhance your client satisfaction. GPS Fleet tracking will provide your business with a competitive edge that will set your business apart from the rest.

GPS Tracking To Reduce Costs

Another benefit Fleet GPS Tracking systems off your business is the power to reduce manpower, vehicle maintenance, and fuel costs. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can receive text alerts for speed alerts, Geo-fences, and more to help you reign in unnecessary operational expenses.

GPS Fleet Tracking Features:










Car Dealership GPS Tracker

Protect Your Vehicle Inventory

Don’t let thieves posing as customer disappear with your profits! The car dealer GPS tracker is an effective solution to protect your automotive assets. The Car Dealership GPS tracker by Cal-Amp is an innovative and affordable solution offering a wide variety of features such as battery backup, address verification, tow alert, tamper alert and starter disable with an unlimited tracking server option that carries no monthly fees.

The Cal-Amp LMU-200 is an investment that will protect your vehicle inventory with the most reliable Buy here pay here GPS tracking system on the market operating on the Verizon 3G/CDMA network.



When it comes to GPS trackers, a battery backup is vital to ensure that thieves can’t just disconnect the car battery to disable the GPS system. The  LMU-200 will alert you when the car, truck, or SUV’s GPS tracker has been disconnected from the vehicle's battery.


The LMU-200 GPS tracker will send an alert the moment one of your vehicles is towed. This is a great feature to prevent mechanic liens and impounds by receiving an alert before the car reaches its destination.


Tamper alerts are another critical feature to have incorporated into your vehicle GPS tracking system. Critical for automotive dealerships looking to protect their investments, the tamper alert paired with the battery backup will ensure that your inventory can be tracked and located no matter how clever the thieves think they are.


The LMU-200 automotive GPS tracker will also track and upload key addresses where the car, truck, or SUV spends the majority of its time. This is an invaluable feature to verify customer work and home address when skip tracing.


Operating on the largest and most reliable network for car dealership GPS tracking systems, the LMU-200 runs on Verizon’s CDMA network to provide critical alerts about GPS location updates.


The Cal-Amp LMU-200 vehicle GPS tracker features two dual processors and is built to last. Backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty, the LMU-200 will provide you a lasting return on your investment.


Thanks to unlimited GPS tracking, the LMU-200 is the perfect option for auto finance tracking. It’s easy to use software will provide your vehicle inventory the protection it needs to keep your investment intact.

LMU-200 Automotive Dealership GPS Tracker Features:

  • MOBILE APP – Access your fleet from palm of your hand

  • RELIABLE REAL TIME GPS TRACKING on the Verizon 3G Network for best coverage








Benefits of GPS Trackers

Protecting Your Assets


Improved and Expedited Billing

GPS tracking will take the headache and hassle out of time tracking and service billing. No longer will your service staff forget to accurately log the hours they spend on a job. With GPS tracker’s you can pull up a detailed report of the exact start and stop times of any job completed. You can improve cash flow by automating service billing reducing the float time between job completion and employee’s turning in their time cards.


Reduced Theft Risk

With GPS tracking systems installed in your vehicle, the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle increase significantly. If one of your service vehicles is stolen, it’s not just the loss of the vehicle that does damage to your bottom line, the loss of specialty equipment and tools stored in the vehicle and the lost revenue from potential service jobs often times is more costly than the loss of the vehicle itself. With GPS tracking, the police can recover your missing vehicle before the thieves have a change to pawn off your equipment and get you back in business quickly so you can resume your regular service schedule.


Reduced Insurance Rates

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for vehicles that have GPS tracking systems installed. The added tracking capabilities GPS trackers offer in the case of a stolen and vandalized vehicle will mean the difference between a total loss and a recouped stolen vehicle. Insurance companies understand the savings to their bottom line if you are able to recover a stolen car. As a result, insurance companies will often pass a portion of these savings onto their customers as an incentive to install GPS tracking systems.


Reduced Maintenance Expenses

By adding vehicle monitoring and GPS tracking to your companies fleet, you can get real time alerts and maintenance reminders so you never have to worry about a missed oil change, or tire rotation again. By enhancing your vehicle management tracking capabilities, you will be able to reduce costly vehicle down time and damaged parts that missed required maintenance.


Improved Customer Service

By implementing GPS tracking systems for your business, your dispatchers and service managers will have a bird’s eye view on exactly where technicians are located, how long they have been at a location, and who is available to be dispatched to a new job assignment. By adding real time tracking and dispatching capabilities to your business, you can grow your revenue stream by taking advantage of those last minute customers, you can squeeze in that additional job that could mean the different in a profitable day.


Reduced Labor Costs

GPS tracking will keep a watchful eye out for employee’s wasting costly time on the job. Not only can you track how long an employee spends at each job they are assigned to, GPS trackers also setup alerts to prevent employees from running personal errands on the job or driving your fleet vehicle outside of your service area. The comprehensive reporting offered by GPS tracking systems also allow you to conduct detailed analysis of your service routes to find efficiencies in your route, traffic patterns, and service scheduling times.


Enhanced Safety

When your staff is aware their driving patterns are being recorded, they will be less likely to speed and drive aggressively. The enhanced driver accountability provided by GPS tracking systems will not only lead to safer trips with reduced risks of costly accidents, they will also reduce the change that your drivers make poor driving decisions in your branded vehicles that could harm your brand’s image to potential customers.


Reduced Fuel Costs

With GPS tracking your drivers will be more accountable to their driving habits and chosen navigation routes. When service staff members drive slower and make the effort to drive the shortest paths to their service call locations, your business will benefit in reduced fuel costs and wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.


Improved Job Performance

Fleet GPS tracking systems will give your service technicians the confidence they need to navigate efficiently and safely to their scheduled destinations. When drivers know where they are going, they will feel more competent and prepared for their job assignments.


GPS Tracking Q&A


What is GPS Geofence?

Geofence’s are GPS defined boundaries which allow you to configure notification alerts when the vehicle crosses the boundary. Geofences are a great feature for any GPS tracking application. For fleet tracking, you can define your service boundaries. For teen tracking you can define a custom boundaries that your child must stay within. For GPS theft prevention, you can define boundaries which will alert you the moment your car leaves an area outside your neighborhood.


What is the difference between passive and real time GPS tracking systems?

Real time Car GPS tracking systems track and report vehicle location information in real time. The benefit of real time tracking is allows you to view direction, location, and speed of the vehicle as it is currently in motion. Most real-time trackers also offer features like door lock controls, geofences, starter disable and remote ignition. In contrast, passive car, truck, and SUV trackers store tracking information that can be retrieved at a later time once the vehicle has returned to its home or office.


Is it possible to install the GPS unit so people don’t know the vehicle is being tracked?

Absolutely! GPS vehicle trackers can be professionally installed discretely and safely so they are tamper proof and hidden to prevent any unwanted interference with your tracker. The most powerful feature of a vehicle tracking system is the ability to track key vehicle location and driving information without the driver or thief being aware.


What happens if the vehicle being tracked travels outside the geo-fence when I’m not near a computer?

With the GPS Geo Tracking systems offered at Apex Customs Phoenix, you will have the ability to receive alerts on your cell phone. Whether you set up a geo-fence or want to know when the vehicle is speeding, you can setup text alerts directly to your cell phone.


What are the business benefits of a GPS tracking system?

The ability to track your machinery, vehicles, assets, and fleet, will provide your business with critical information to reduce costs, manage your service staff effectively, manage your fleet maintenance, and improve customer service. You’ll have a huge advantage over your competition and gather a wealth of useful data to improve efficiencies throughout your business.

Some of the most common business benefits are:

  • Lower vehicle mileage and reduced fuel expenses

  • Improved fleet management with detailed stop and speed information

  • Enhanced staff efficiencies

  • Improved customer dispute resolution

  • Improved sales and service for your customers


What’s the difference between the cheap GPS tracking systems I can buy on eBay and install myself?

Not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. The cheap GPS trackers you can buy on eBay are made from cheap components that were manufactured from cheap parts and poor unreliable firmware. Cheap GPS tracking systems are not only unreliable, they could damage your vehicles electrical system and even pose security risks.


Are there any limitations to GPS tracking systems?

No GPS system is 100% reliable no matter how much you spend on your system. There is no guarantee that the system will track GPS location all of the time as they rely on the ability to communicate with satellites in space. Common issues with GPS systems happen when the vehicle is in an underground parking garage, surrounded by large buildings, or in an underpass.

Another common issue encountered with GPS systems is drifting or bouncing. This happens when a GPS location fix appears to bounce around the map even though it’s in one location. GPS drifting commonly occurs in insulated areas such as garages or carparks that can impact GPS tracking.