At Apex Customs Phoenix we offer a wide range of custom automotive services and products. We take pride in our work and only put our reputation behind products we know from experience are going to provide our customers with the satisfaction they expect from an aftermarket investment. Below is a list of manufacturers we trust for our custom automotive services.

Car Audio

Alpine strives to answer the demands of consumers and automakers for high-quality, competitively priced products. The company utilizes leading edge, digital technology in pursuit of excellence in sound reproduction. With the vision of combining music, visual images and information, Alpine's Mobile Multimedia systems exceed concept expectations for a new kind of driving experience for the next century.

JL Audio is an independent, privately-held U.S. company active in the Home, Mobile, Powersports and Marine Audio markets. They focus on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to our customers around the world. Behind all of their efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value, and that their customers can ‘tell the difference’.

JBL Car Audio offers a wide range of car audio and stereo solutions designed to fit your listening tastes and budget. Turn up the sound in your car or boat with speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and digital processors for the latest car and marine audio systems available on the market.

Pioneer was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan by Nozomu Matsumoto - a man with a passion for music that he hoped to share with the world through high quality audio speakers. That passion began with a small operation to repair and manufacture speakers in Matsumoto's garage. It has since grown to international stature as a manufacturer of audio and video products for use at home, in the car and in business environments.

Cold Air Intake

K&N Engineering is the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N is a world class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, and air intakes in over 30 countries. K&N sells over 5,000 products designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, engines, and industrial applications. From their Million Mile Warranty to their Consumer Protection Pledge, K&N stands behind their products and their consumers 100%. The distinctive K&N logo represents performance from one of the original performance companies.

Volant was started with one simple desire; to build a better intake for performance minded outdoor-centric and off-road enthusiasts. Under that principle, Volant Performance has continued to evolve since 1998. Volant is driven to meet the unrelenting standards of the off-road and outdoor enthusiast marketplace, designing products for those who use their vehicles to pursue their passions.

Founded in 1997, AIRAID advanced the automotive aftermarket industry with the introduction of its AIRAID Intakes brand of air intake systems. Initially developed for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the first AIRAID kits combined an open-element cotton gauze filter with an intake tube to produce an innovative, easy-to-install intake kit which dramatically increased air flow, horsepower, and torque while improving overall engine performance.

Advanced FLOW engineering (aFe) is a manufacturer of automotive cold air intake systems, performance air filters, fluid filters, intake manifolds turbochargers, programmers, throttle body spacers and exhaust systems. aFe was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Corona, California, USA, in two facilities totaling 160,000 sq ft (15,000 m2) including their 77,000 sq ft (7,200 m2) headquarters and manufacturing facilities. An 87,000 sq ft (8,100 m2) warehouse and R&D facility was added in 2012.

AMSOIL specializes in developing synthetic lubricants that offer innovative answers to the greatest challenges vehicles and equipment present.AMSOIL now offers universal air induction filters (EaAU) designed to replace stock oil wetted gauze or foam conical filters that were supplied with custom induction systems. AMSOIL Ea Air Induction Filters offer better efficiency, excellent airflow and are cleanable.


Magnaflow's slogan is Quality, Power, and Sounds. As a market leader in performance exhaust systems, they proudly manufacture all of their products in the USA using premium components and the latest technology. Their products range from direct-fit converters and cat-back systems to universal mufflers and builder's kits for fabricating your own custom system.

BORLA® PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES is the pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhaust. We began three decades ago as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for such "concours classics" as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars and have evolved into the premier manufacturer of today's performance vehicles for the street, off-road, and racing.

Driven with a relentless passion to deliver the ultimate automotive driving experience, CORSA Performance uses advanced engineering technologies to create market leading & cutting-edge products for the automotive enthusiast. By manipulating airflow and employing unique acoustic technologies; CORSA Performance manufactures air intakes and exhaust systems that deliver additional power and unmistakable exhaust notes that are customized to the exacting demands of the consumer and their vehicle.

Flowmaster, Inc. is a specialty performance aftermarket exhaust manufacturer. The company has two locations totaling over 400,000 square feet in California. Originally created to minimize California Sprint Car engine noise without sacrificing performance from excessive back pressure caused by traditional exhaust systems, Flowmaster has grown to be a manufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, exhaust kits, racing mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, and exhaust accessories for cars, muscle cars, trucks, diesel trucks, SUVs, motorhomes, ATVs and most vehicles.


LED's have revolutionized the custom automotive market landscape for the better by offering cost-effective, low power, diverse, unique lighting options to make your ride stand out from the crowd. At Apex, we've been working with a wide range of automotive lighting products from just about every aftermarket supplier on the market for several years. One of the gaps we identified in the market while searching for the best products for our customers, is affordable LED lighting you can trust. There is no shortage of LED interior and exterior bulbs available on reseller and auction sites like Amazon and Ebay however, it can be a challenging task to identify which brands and models offer reliable performance and consistent staying power.

ORACLE Lighting Technologies offer quality products, backed by a strong warranty program. Their name has become the standard in solid-state automotive LED technology, and they continue to push the envelope even further by evolving their line into the home and industrial lighting markets. Technology is always evolving and they evolve with it to offer the best automotive lighting products in the industry.

Diode Dynamics is a manufacturer of LED lighting products for the automotive industry. Founded in 2006, the company's focus on developing innovative products, with superior quality and excellent service, has allowed for continued growth over the past ten years. By directly manufacturing many of its products in St. Louis, Missouri, Diode Dynamics is able to carefully control quality, while bringing unique products to market faster than the competition. These products are backed by an industry-leading no-hassle warranty, and the best service and support experience possible.

Thanks to its unparalleled patented Hybrid, Specter & new Hyperspot optics and its torture-tested housings, Rigid Industries LED Lighting is a world leader in the forward projecting LED lighting industry. Rigid is committed to providing innovative technologies & always guarantees a quality product. It is Rigid Industries primary goal is to design and manufacture the best forward projecting and auxiliary LED lighting products in the world.

Paint Protection

STEK is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing highly advanced film technologies designed to protect the most advanced vehicles. With our leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technology and extreme gloss factor, STEK offers a film for each driver's style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected staple of your personality.


Eibach products are created to meet the extreme requirements of racing, from the 245-mph Mulsanne straight of Le Mans to the fender-to-fender combat of the Daytona Motor Speedway. The special skills of Eibach engineers are in the tuning of the individual components (springs, dampers and stabilizers) to achieve the best possible harmony between the driver, the automobile and the road.

KW automotive GmbH is the epitome of premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement. KW offers its customers the largest suspension program worldwide. The entire assortment – from springs over sports suspensions to coilover suspensions “inox line” in three damping versions – such a variety of products is unsurpassed on the market.

Hotchkis Sport Suspension draws upon over 30 years of racing experience to develop the most effective bolt-on suspension systems available. Their suspension packages have been engineered to deliver the race-winning performance you demand while remaining comfortable enough for use on the street.The experience of John Hotchkis and the entire Hotchkis Sport Suspension team ensures that you receive high quality products, engineered to perform and designed to be strong.

Rancho® – a popular brand of suspension, shocks and more worldwide – was born in the 1950s in Long Beach, Calif., as Rancho Jeep Supply, and quickly grew into a thriving off-road and performance suspension components manufacturer. In 1985, Rancho launched what would later become its best-selling shock absorber: the RS5000™.

Skyjacker® Suspensions is bigger and better than ever offering Leveling kits, Sport lifts and Suspensions kits. For over 40 years Skyjacker® has proven to be an innovator in the suspension market. This commitment to cutting-edge technology has enabled Skyjacker® to deliver a huge selection of products to you, their customers.

The H&R philosophy is simple and effective: To manufacture the best suspension products, using only the highest grade materials, and then back all of our products with unparalleled customer service. This philosophy has made H&R what it is today - the industry leader in high performance, quality suspension components. Be it on the street or on the track, H&R has become synonymous with consistent, proven suspension performance and quality.

Energy Suspension's decision over 30 years ago to specialize in polyurethane and only polyurethane, has established Energy Suspension as the most asked-for name in performance polyurethane components today.This devotion has produced the quality components that our customers continue to demand. With applications to fit most popular vehicles as well as a superb customer support network, ENERGY SUSPENSION is your first quality choice in performance polyurethane suspension components.

Since 1992, Pro Comp USA has been manufacturing high-quality, durable products for On- and off-road enthusiasts including tires, wheels, suspensions, shocks and more. Suspension systems were their original foundation and they continue to be one of their strongest departments as they develop innovative new suspensions to this day.

Daystar™ has been Designing and Producing Precision Suspension Components for Four Wheel Drive Trucks, Motocross Bikes, Passenger Cars, and Mountain Bikes since 1977. Daystar™ has always met their customers' needs by designing and producing the highest possible quality parts. Since 2000, Daystar has been certified ISO 9001, and we currently hold ISO9001:2008 certification.

Revshift is a small company located in Warren, MI. Their parts are designed and manufactured all under one roof. They do the CAD work, weld the hardware, machine the metal pieces, and process/mold the polyurethane themselves. Nothing is outsourced and nothing is overlooked. They are committed to producing the highest quality performance products available

Super Chargers

Magnuson believes you should be able to have big horsepower, drivability, and a long-lasting, reliable product. In fact they've been making power you can live with for more than thirty years. They use what they learn to develop Magnuson Supercharger Kits - the best-selling, most complete line of bolt on superchargers anywhere. They test each Magnuson Supercharger before it leaves the factory, and they stand behind their product with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger systems deliver excellent horsepower and torque in a complete kit. Featuring a unique design with minimal components. It makes it possible to fit an E-Force Supercharger under the stock hood. The core of each system is the Eaton Gen VI 2300 or 1320 TVS® Supercharger rotating assembly with a four lobe design with 160° of twist for maximum flow, minimum temperature rise and quiet operation for excellent drivability.

Put simply, ROUSH Performance produces the most advanced Mustang Superchargers in the industry. Many of these systems come with our industry-leading 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, and many are the same systems that we install on our assembly line for pre-titled "ROUSH" vehicles. Hundreds of hours of research and testing go into the development of the ROUSH superchargers.

Vortech remains at the forefront of centrifugal compressor design and automotive accessory technology, with wide range of supercharging systems for all manner of cars and trucks, as well as fuel system components, air bypass components, and a popular line of charge cooler upgrades for the Ford Ecoboost line of cars and trucks. From daily driven street cars to 3,000 horsepower drag racers; Industrial airplane wing de-icers to nearly 8,000 horsepower quad-engined top speed boats, Vortech has the compressors available to get the job done, with efficiency and reliability that is unmatched throughout the industry.

When you are looking for the ultimate in high performance and reliability from a centrifugal supercharger, look no further than Paxton Automotive’s NOVI line. NOVI superchargers are based on Paxton Automotive’s race-proven gear case, which features billet steel, helical-cut gears*, and aerospace-quality high-speed bearings. A direct-to-gear, constant circulation, oiling system provides optimum lubrication and cooling, even under sustained boost conditions. Some of the fastest race cars in the world use Paxton Automotive NOVI superchargers–a testament to the NOVI’s unsurpassed performance in the most demanding situations.

With Whipple Superchargers extensive knowledge, technology and years of experience, Whipple developed an entirely new supercharger lineup that featured all of the latest technology in rotor profile, housing, rotor coating and bearing design to once again, revolutionize the twin-screw supercharger market. As the pioneer of the screw compressor market, Whipple’s dedication to innovative thinking, hard work, attention to detail and outstanding product performance has led to a better, American made product for the performance industry.

ATI’s self-contained (SC) ProCharger models are the first and only gear-driven centrifugal superchargers to feature self-lubrication, and contain the industry’s most advanced technology. In addition to the patented self-contained oiling design, SC ProChargers also feature the highest step-up ratio, exclusive billet impellers, and the industry's only billet gearcases for superior rigidity, sealing and appearance. These proven self-contained ProChargers were designed specifically for internal lubrication and have become the industry standard.

Vinyl Wrap

3M Scotchprint 1080 Series Vinyl Wrap offers a truly distinctive appearance offered in a variety of finishes, textures, and colors is anything but ordinary. Each style will provide your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat a unique, head-turning look while providing industry leading protection to your factory paint. Their cast wrap films come in high gloss colors, matte colors, brushed metal and carbon fiber looks. True textured films that you can use right out of the box, no overlaminate is needed.

Avery Dennison SW900 Supreme Ultimate Vinyl Wrap combines versatility, durability, and performance to create a reliable and affordable solution to your vinyl wrap needs. Avery Conform Chrome Vinyl Wrap offers a mirror-like finish to create the genuine chrome look that is traditionally difficult and expensive to apply. The films low initial tack technology allows the vinyl's adhesive to be forgiving and re-positionable.


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Apex Wheels-min

Wheel Specialists, Inc. is the industry leader in custom-tailored wheel and tire packages. They have proudly served the finest independent tire dealers, auto dealerships, and aftermarket specialty shops for over 25 years. WSI specializes in everything from proper standard fitments to extreme applications. Their experience, knowledge, and product selection are second to none!

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MHT employs an industry leading team of engineers, programmers, and machinists who stop at nothing to guarantee 360º of perfection. They offer a wide range of automotive wheel options in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors.

Established in 1969, The Wheel Group (TWG) is a manufacturer and distributor with over 45 years of experience specializing in aftermarket automotive wheels and accessories. Their R&D team aims to create the latest, most innovative, and exciting designs, TWG proudly introduces its worldwide known privately designed wheel lines, as well as our complete line of wheel accessories under Mr. Lugnut, and AMP mud terrain tires

Window Tint

3M™ Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series rejects more heat than many darker films without changing the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you're concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, 3M has a window film to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle. The Crystalline Series features a proprietary, multilayer optical film that combines over 200 layers of nano-technology in a film that is thinner than a Post-it® Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than many darker films.

SunTek Automotive Window Films drive performance and profits by providing dealers with the unique opportunity to offer their customers a superior product at a competitive price.


  • SunTek Automotive Window Films also offer:​
  • High impact marketing materials and programs
  • A complete product line, available in several colors and shades,
    that matches factory tint and enhances the look of any vehicle
  • Easy installation, including heat shrinkability, adhesion, and dry time
  • Superior solar performance including heat and UV rejection, as
    well as glare reduction
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Increased safety and protection
  • A competitive Manufacturer’s Warranty


Chemical Guys car care products are the hottest professional grade cleaning, detailing, and waxing products available on the market today. Offering a wide range of products designed to keep your prized ride in peak condition, Chemical Guys is the top-selling car care brand on Amazon with over 90% positive reviews from verified customers with #1 best sellers in exterior care, exterior cleaners, sealants, tire care, waterless wash, and car wash equipment.

XS Batteries are one of the most respected aftermarket performance automotive battery brands on the market. Their professional line of Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) batteries delivers unparalleled performance in the most demanding applications from race cars to competition car audio. They offer a wide variety of batteries, premium grade cabling, battery chargers, power capacitors, hold downs, and protective cases. XS is the preferred brand throughout the competition car audio industry as well as many race teams.