Camaro ZL1 Gets Psychedelic

Recently we completed a project using one of 3M‘s new color shifting flip psychedelic vinyl wrap colors. This 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 received a full vinyl wrap paired with gloss black vinyl wrap accents, 20% all around window tint and full ceramic pro treatment.

As a leader in the vinyl wrap industry, 3M is always striving to bring vinyl to a whole new level and they’ve accomplished that feat with their new line up of flip colors. A color shifting vinyl wrap will take your custom ride to a whole new level capturing the attention of everyone who catches a glimpse.

Recently the editors at Drive Spark did a write up on this project that walks through the details which you can check out here: This Camaro ZL1 In 3M’s Vinyl Film Wrap Sure Does Look Psychedelic

The editors at Auto Evolution also did a fantastic write up on this project which you can view here: Camaro ZL1 Owner Wraps His Car In 3M Gloss Flip Psychedelic Vinyl Film

While the 3M Flip colors are brand new to the market, people are clamoring over the new wraps making them one of the hottest products to hit the vinyl wrap industry in a while. We’ve completed several other projects recently in these new colors which we will be sharing more details on shortly.

3M put together this great promotional video to showcase the launch of their new product:

If you’re interested in learning more about this hot new product or getting a quote to get your ride wrapped, check out our vinyl wrap page here: vinyl wrap