Colorflow Color Shifting Vinyl Wrap by Avery

Color shifting properties are the hottest new technology in the Vinyl Wrapping industry. Color shifting provides a unique appearance to your vehicle that simply cannot be replicated with traditional paint. Not only do the colors “shift” or change depending on the angle your are viewing the vehicle at, they offer a distinct head turning appearance even when looking directly at the wrap without changing positions.

Avery Dennison recently entered the color shifting Vinyl Wrap market. Rays of light and smooth curves create a fluid, shifting spectrum of color with Avery Dennison ColorFlow Supreme Wrapping Film. This recently released unique portfolio of five 60″ wide iridescent shades transform a vehicle into a beautiful work of art.

  • Available in five color shifting iridescent shades with a satin finish
  • No overlaminate required
  • Superior conform-ability over curved surfaces, corrugations and rivets
  • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
Available Colors
  • Avery Fresh Spring – Gold & Silver
  • Avery Rising Sun – Red & Gold
  • Avery Roaring Thunder – Blue & Red
  • Avery Rushing Riptide – Cyan & Purple
  • Avery