You Were In An Auto Accident Now What?

A car accident is a hassle, but getting your vehicle repaired right doesn’t have to be. There is so much information on how to handle your accident and believe it or not your insurance company does not have your back.

The only goal of the insurance company is to fix your vehicle as quickly and inexpensive as possible. They want to give back as little of your years of premium payments as they can get away with. Your insurance company preferred shops are ones they have made deals with not due to high quality but due to their willingness to try to fix your vehicle for as little as possible. A good auto collision shop will be an advocate for you. Making sure the insurance company owns up to every item, making your car as close to original status as possible.

You might wonder why you’d take your car to a custom shop for collision repairs, or how that would work with your insurance. Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about auto collision repairs so you’ll know why Apex Customs is the right place to bring your vehicle.

Misconception #1: You should use the repair shop your insurance company recommends.

Reality: You can take your car to any shop you want, so why not take your car to an autobody shop that’s proven to deliver high-quality work? For years, Apex Customs has focused on top-of-the-line car customization and restoration. As a result, we have a highly skilled team and the right tools to provide truly expert-level service for any car.

Misconception #2: Insurance companies want to make sure every part is repaired properly.

Reality: Most insurance companies will try to get by with repairing as little as possible. A good auto body repair shop is an advocate for their customers, making sure that every part that was broken is repaired back to new. Our commitment to quality and honesty means we’re going to go above and beyond for you to make sure your car repairs are done right.

Misconception #3: It will cost you more to get your collision work done at a high-end custom shop.

Reality: All shops get paid the same for the work, and it costs you the same as well. At Apex, we pay the same painters the same rate on a custom paint job as we do on a rear bumper replacement. We know our work is done right and will last.

Misconception #4: You can’t use custom parts in your repair.

Reality: There are times when we can pick and choose various parts to install at the same pricing as what it would take to install the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, so we have the chance to explore alternatives to not only bring your car back from an accident, but to give it a new custom look. We are not only trained on how to put together the vehicle the way it was from the factory, but we also have the skills to install custom parts along the way, if you choose, to make the repair process a little more fun!

Misconception #5: Custom shops like Apex would rather not work on “normal cars.”

Reality: Most people see a custom shop and assume that they only work on classics, exotics, or high-end cars. At Apex, we proudly work on all cars and treat everyone, from beginners to experts, with respect.

Getting collision repair work done at a high-end custom shop is a wise decision. Let us be your first choice for automotive collision repair services in the Phoenix area so we can show you what we can do!