5 Reasons to Invest in Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Application

With summer in full swing, not to mention the 110 degree weather here in Tempe Arizona, there are plenty of reasons to invest in window tinting. While protection from the sun and heat is one of the most common benefits, window tint offers a variety of additional benefits that make it an important upgrade to your vehicle no matter what season you’re driving in.

,,Here are the top five reasons we recommend adding window tint to the top of your automotive customization list:​,, ,,,,1) Vehicle Privacy: ,,Window tint not only provides privacy for yourself, it helps safeguard your belongings from theft and preying eyes. A vehicle with exposed valuables is much more likely to be broken into than one where someone cannot easily see inside. Your car stereo, cell phone, radar detector, dash cam, GPS, tablets, DVD players, and even a handbag or wallet be hidden from temptation thanks to the with darkened windows provided by tint. ,, ,,,According to 5 Creative Anti-Theft Tips To Help Protect Your Car:,,,Tinted windows prevent thieves from peering into the car. Also, tinted windows make it quite obvious to other people about the presence of a potential car thief. The thief would have to peer through the window; peering is quite the opposite of a car owner.,, ,,,,,2) A Cleaner, More Appealing Look: ,,Window tinting adds a more luxurious look to your ride. Windows without tint look plain, cheap and less appealing. There is a reason automotive manufactures of higher end luxury vehicles will ad tint to their expensive models. The aesthetics of window tint create an eye pleasing appeal that add instant re-sale value to your vehicle.

Automotive Window Tinting

3) A Cooler Car : Arizona summer temperatures often surpass the 100+ degree mark outside. All of that heat is trapped inside your vehicle creating a sauna effect of searing, skin burning temperatures while you’re checking off items on the shopping list inside Walmart. While window tint won’t completely stop your vehicle from getting hot inside, it will vastly reduce the inside temperature preventing skin burns from hot plastic and reducing the time it takes your air conditioner to bring the temperatures back to a comfortable level.

*Never leave children or pets in a hot vehicle even if the outside temperatures seem mild.

, ,,,,4) Protect Your Interior (and Yourself): ,,If your interior is exposed to the sun, it will eventually degrade. Whether it’s cracked leather or faded seats – UV rays are especially harmful to anything exposed to them.

UV rays are also extremely harmful to your skin. According to Berkeley Wellness, using a handheld UVA light meter, a researcher tested 29 cars from 15 manufacturers on a cloudless day in Los Angeles. He found front windshields blocked, on average, 96 percent of these harmful rays (with a range of 95 to 98 percent), while side windows blocked only 71 percent (44 to 96 percent).

The study shows that in the United States where people drive with the steering wheel on the left side, there is increased skin cancer and cataracts on the left side that is exposed to UV rays. Window tinting will decrease UV rays by more than 99 percent while simultaneously reducing visibility.

Applying window tint on cars

5) Safety Matters: Not only does window tint protect drivers from blinding glare, it has the added benefit of protecting you from broken glass in the event of an accident. Window tint will add a tempered effect to non-tempered windows by preventing glass from flying all over the place when a window is shattered.

Now that you’ve been informed on the wonders of window tinting, are you ready to upgrade your car or truck? Simply fill out a quote request and our sales team will provide you a detailed custom quote for your project.

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