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Are you looking for some serious power out of your ride?

We’re excited to announce the addition of the biggest, fastest and most powerful dyno available on the market to our Tempe Arizona shop. We now offer professional dyno tuning and dyno testing to accompany our engine performance services to the greater Phoenix AZ area. From Superchargers and Turbochargers, to Nitrous and Stroker Motors and everything in between, we can build, tune, and test the race car of your dreams!

Here is a glimpse into our new capabilities:

Mustang MD-1750 Chassis Dynamometer

MD-1750 Mustang Dyno Dynamometer

The Mustang Dynamometer MD-1750 is the Mack-Daddy of Dynos, capable of handling up to 3,000 HP at 250 MPH making it by far the fastest and most powerful dynamometer available in its class. It’s designed for true racing enthusiasts.

The MD-1750 has the largest set of rollers in the industry at 50-inches. The 1750 Series is designed for customers whose horsepower testing requirements and drag racing slick tires require a larger, tire-friendly roller configurations. The MD-1750 is available with a wide 96-inch outer track for testing large Diesel Trucks.

Mustang Dyno’s offer the single and dual eddy current power absorption feature which allows for “steady state” testing at various speed and torque outputs. The torque value read from the load cell is combined with roll-speed to calculate the exact force being applied at the vehicle’s wheels.

Unlike friction-type load control devices offered by competition such as DynoJet, the eddy current absorption and advanced closed-loop computer control system used by Mustang Dyno enables our engine tuning pros to carefully control the road load applied to the vehicle under test by increments of horsepower or torque.

The MD-1750’s inertia-based testing capability provides a practical and efficient method to gauge vehicle performance. Inertia-based performance testing involves accelerating a mass with a known inertia at wide-open throttle. In the case of the 1750, the inertia system is comprised of a pair of 50” diameter rollers which act as the road-load mechanism.

The rate at which the vehicle is able to accelerate the rollers determines the amount of energy being transferred from the tires to the surface of the rolls. Speed and torque combined are used to calculate actual horsepower at the wheels. This data is then plotted against time, rpm, or speed to produce invaluable graphical representations of the vehicle’s power curves. A database keeps track of testing records for future baseline test comparisons.

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