Car Vinyl Wrap the easy and stylish way!

Car Vinyl Wrap-The easy and stylish way to protect your car!

Automotive enthusiasts treat their cars just like they treat their pets; with love, tenderness and care. Cars are the second home for many automobile owners who are always on the road. However, just like a home, a car also needs proper and regular maintenance for it to survive as long as its ideal shelf life. A car is a status symbol for many and it shows their position in society. Hence people take great pains and efforts to maintain them looking as new and shiny as possible, sans any signs of wear and tear. Among the various ways by which cars can be taken care of, the most popular and unarguably the most stylish and catchy customization is provided by using Car Vinyl Wrap. Vinyl wrapping not only protects the car, but it also makes the car look like a stunning piece of art. A car wrap is basically a large vinyl graphic or decal that is applied by professionals directly on top of the original paint of the automobile. When the wrap is applied on a car, the vinyl significantly improves its appearance and makes it look as young as a car that has freshly been bought off the lot. Owners can remove the vinyl wrap from their cars by taking them to professional service providers and the car will be returned to them without the vinyl wrap in its original form without any kind of damage.

Taking care of vinyl wrapped cars

Anything that is beautiful needs proper care and maintenance for it to remain looking that way for a long period of time. The same logic applies to when you vinyl wrap your car. With a vinyl wrapped car, you need to take certain precautions, and keep in mind certain limitations, once the vinyl wrap has been applied to your car. For starters, steer clear from automated car washes, especially the ones that employ brushes as they cause the wrap’s edges to chip, make the film’s appearance look faded and lackluster and cause scratches on the surface. Secondly, make sure you look out for fuel spills that can occur to prevent the degrading of the vinyl and adhesive. Wipe those spills as soon as you spot them, wash the area and leave it to dry. Hand washing of the car with quality products recommended by the professionals who wrapped your car is the best way to take care of your wrapped car. Absolutely avoid using compounds and swirl or scratch removers.

Why Car Vinyl Wrap is being increasingly preferred over other protection methods?

PlastiDip is the closest rival of vinyl wrapping, and although this technique gives a stiff competition to the later, wrapping always wins hands down due to its robust features that make it more long lasting and less restrictive than PlastiDip. While PlastiDip lasts typically for about 3 years, vinyl wrapping goes up to 5-10 years. Moreover, Vinyl wrapping proves more effective against stone chip, general wear and tear of the car, scratches and weathering as opposed to PlastiDip.