LED or HID Custom vehicle lighting upgrade

HIDs or LEDs

Lighting is growing trend in the automotive industry. HID and LED upgrades are a common request in custom automotive shops these days. Many have asked the question which is better HID or LED.

HID, High-intensity discharge lights or Xenon (named for the gas inside the light) are considered to be the brightest source of automotive light on the market. However, the mixture of rare metals and gases makes them expensive. They are also fairly inefficient considering a large part of the energy produced goes into heat energy instead of light energy. HIDs generally last 2000 hours.

LED or Light Emitting Diodes are known to be more efficient than gas technology bulbs. Light is emitted from an electronic diode causing almost no heat loss. LED systems also have long life spans to the term of 15000 hours. Since there is no warm up time with LED bulbs, they are known to react faster when braking, turning, etc. and may even be able to help avoid accidents.